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Winner of the Queen's Award for Voluntary Service 2015



Youth Offending Service

The club has formed a number of partnerships with organisations that value the service it offers to them and to the community they serve. As a result, the Youth Offending Service now has a referral process in place were their clients can volunteer to attend the boxing club sessions as part of their intervention programme. The YOS recognise that the club’s services, the dedication and commitment of its coaches, offer them a valuable resource to help reduce offending and re-offending.


Secondary Support Centre

There are also a number of weekly sessions provided to the Secondary Support Centre where their students benefit from the boxing sessions, which also include a focus on discipline, anger management and healthy lifestyles.



There also programmes that are being run at a number of the local schools as part of their pupils sports activities, whereby the club’s coaches run boxing sessions at the school’s site. Feeback so far has been very encouraging with the sessions having a positive impact on many of those attending.


Youth Work

Our club works with various funders such as Metaswitch, RSA Trust and Enfield Priority Fund. This enables us to provide a number of free boxing sessions each week for the local youth to get involved in. These sessions not only offer young people somewhere positive to go but also gives opportunity for them to be mentored and build healthy relationships with the dedicated coaches. The club also runs a number of successful boxing programmes across different youth clubs situated across the Borough.


Community Based Events

The club continues to make itself available for different community sports events. These have included, Safer Transport Police Community events, Everyonesawinner sports weekend, and ‘Go Enfield Go’ schools sports event.